Hot Rod Art

My background in art is based in the Fine Art spectrum, namely painting and drawing. Having been trained in a variety of media, from sculpture to print making, typesetting and more, I often find my mind roaming the possibilities of using different media on a project.

Below are some samples of these mental meanderings and experiments:

Ho Rod Artwork

A stencil and mixed-media piece

Drag Racing Art

A vintage dragster

Above is a piece created digitally, which inspired the “analog” acrylic on canvas piece below:

Automotive Fine Art

Acrylic on canvas, approx. 560x50-inches

Hot Rod Prints

Gonzo Approach Prints

…the prints above are from a mixed-media diptych on Masonite, created with screen print, stencil and airbrush:

Mixed media car art

The green panel, approx 23x40-inches

Hot Rod cartoon

Pen, ink and airbrush over illustrator art/print

See more, and grab some prints over on my website at Thanks for looking!


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