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If you’ve been with the mighty Studio PCK for some time, then you probably know about our e-Newsletter, “Between the Lines”. It’s a monthly (sometimes more!), free, subscription-based email newsletter that’s LOADED with project sneak peeks, specials, sales, contests and more!

Every issue is crammed with first-looks at in-progress work, upcoming artwork, renderings, reviews on books and products, behind-the-scenes photos of top shops and cars, interviews, tutorials, links… All WAY before any print magazine even hits the presses. It’s a one-stop poke around the industry, and comes with insight, humor, and general good will towards human kind (and a sprinkling of dislike for forests, too). You’ll get dibs on rare parts finds, collectibles, prints, and one-off art from the studio. Subscribers get HUGE discounts on prints, custom artwork and apparel… And it’s all FREE.

As usual, we have a contest this time around, and you can win the last remaining, ultra-rare, FIRST EDITION Studio PCK/Disturbingly Kool poster print, simply for signing up, and referring some friends to do likewise. We recently gave away shirts, DVD’s and more, and the upcoming contests are going to be just as cool… if not better.

We look forward to having you on the list (we don’t sell, publish, share or compromise your info), and hope you enjoy reading each issue as much as we enjoy putting it all together!

To sign up, simply follow the link here:, and plug in some info… then watch your inbox every few weeks as we pop in to say “hi”. Thanks!


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