Hot Rods and BMX Racing

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The Second Annual Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge

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…picks up right where last year’s left off, but with less bruising and sore muscles.

The Second Annual Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge takes place later this week (August 7, to be exact) in Louisville, KY, and returns to the amazing Derby City BMX grounds, and coincides with the NSRA Street Rod Nationals. As the official release reads:

“We are really excited about the BMX Challenge this year – we have changed the rules just a little – for the HRIC you must be a participant or vendor at the Street Rod Nationals – the BMX race is once again FREE of charge for you to participate in BUT to mix it up a little and to help give you guys and the spectators a better show we challenge you to “get sponsored”.
We will be running a Pro/Am mixed in with the Hot Rod Challenge and in order to bring in the “big guns” we have to show them the money! So we challenge you to get a sponsor for your race. Along with your name being announced during the race your sponsor will get some plugs as well! We ask you to get a min of $25 but challenge you to get more – the rider with the most sponsor money will get an extra special prize! Standard Byke Company is on board again this year – the winner of the HRIC will receive a new frame! Add to that more prizes, surprises and yet another frame from the great folks at Intense, and you have the makings of a grand event indeed.”

Last years’ event attracted 16 of the biggest and best builders in the game today, including Dave Tucci, Jesse Greening and Roger Burman, among the many talented riders and other industry professionals from companies like Billet Specialties, Welder Series, Vintage Air, Art Morrison, Calfornia Car Cover and more! Bill Stevens from Star Custom took the grand prize last year, after taking the lead from John Pearce after he lost rhythm in the last corner. Truly an exciting and fun event, to be certain, and with this year’s prizes, it promises to be an even bigger draw!

What’s really fun for me, anyway, is being tapped to create some art each year for the event… This year, as usual, the Stranges gave me full creative control, and told me to “just do what you do!”. Suffice to say, I’ve had vintage drag racing on my brain for a few weeks, and busted out a Fiat altered, smoking the tires… I wanted more action this year, and wasn’t going to go with a static car like last year. One thing led to another, and soon there was a rider in full flight overhead, and it just seemed to come together as most fun pieces tend to do.

bmx challenge t-shirt

I threw in a couple of little details as tributes to friends and family (as I do with almost every piece that leaves the Studio), and I’m genuinely stoked about the finished product. There’s nothing like creating a souvenir piece for an event like this, and even better when it’s for not only our colleagues and friends, but for prople whom I look up to for their skill, talent and drive…

If you’ll be in Louisville for the Nats, or just happen to live or have plans in the neighborhood, make it a point to go to the races on Saturday… Get in on the fun, meet some great, influential folks, and enjoy the thrill of a hobby that got so many of us into cars in the first place!


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