The Gilded Tee

Our good friends Wayne and Pam over at M&M Hot Rod Interiors gave us a shout a while back, and asked if I’d whip up a new tee for them… And could it include Tammy Ray’s Ridler-winning Gold Digger? Naturally I said “I think I can do that.” All of that gung-ho potential energy was alchemized into this:

hot rod t shirt design

…which has some cool detailing, especially with the textural elements, which I threw in to reinforce the whole “Gold” theme (think gilded vases, gold leaf, hammered gold, etc etc etc), with a little “frontier” attitude to celebrate that this is a whole new frontier, what with Tammy being the first female to take the Ridler and all…

hot rod apparel

We’re stoked to have such good friends who trust a vision, and especially so to be a part of the continuing success of a top-notch shop! (and we’re stoked as well that local boys and gals Acme Prints are handling the production chores! Hooray for local business supporting local business. Go and do likewise!)

…and if I may be of service in designing and helping produce your next tee, hit me up on the site at! Thanks!


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