Project Sneak Peeks!

It’s always fun to sneak you guys a peek or two at a project (or two), and this time around, well, it’s no different. OK, it’s different in that the cars have been updated… just the same in that we’re sharing some photos of those cars. It’s a complex, near-metaphysical thing that we’d really rather not get into here. Anyway, first up is Sick Seconds, a little Camaro project we’ve been involved with from day one, and has made it from drawing board to shop, and finally the street!

The old girl has some color, and is making the final strides toward completion, and a good time on Hot Rod’s Drag Week:

69 camaro drag car

camaro paint

The plan is to get the car completed (it’s about 90% there– plumbed/wired), and make the Goodguys Nationals, where it will appear (OK, it won’t actually materialize… again with the metaphysical stuff) in the Bowler Transmissions booth. Stop by and check it out wile it’s in a rare state of being all static and what-not.

Up next is a little update on that Ford project we’ve been helping to re-visualize. The mighty flared (think “Coke bottle-esque” shape) body panels are shaping up, and the car is taking on a whole new, very aggressive persona!

custom fabrication

…and the front fenders are being subjected to some re-work as well, getting the flared, enlarged wheel opening, sectioned look as well…. you know, just some mild touches:

fender sectioning

MUCH more to follow on this pair, and we hope you’re feeling the same excitement that we do around here!

You can see many more sneak peek and in-progress shots of our projects as they make the leap from drawing board to shop floor on our spiffy Facebook Fan Page! Click the “Like” button, become a fan, and enjoy the wonders of having your retinas tickled by custom sheetmetal!

If we can be of service designing YOUR next event artwork, feel free to hit us up, and we’ll discuss some ideas, and make your posters a stand-out!


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