The Rubber Hits the Road!

Hot Rod Design Rendering


Oh, it may sound like the aftermath of an interstate love affair (We apologize for that. Brian apparently found the good coffee again –Ed.), but we’re more interested (for the time being) about the 2010 Amsoil/Street Rodder Magazine Road Tour car leaving the shop, and hitting the wide open spaces, highways, side streets and assorted roadside tourist traps that make our country great.

Road Tour car

The Shadow Rods-based hauler made a grand entrance on May 16th at Southern Rods in Greer, South Carolina, and we’re stoked all over again! Built by our pal (and Hall of Famer, no less) Zane Cullen over at Cotati Speed Shop in Santa Rosa, it’s a killer combination of traditional style, reverence to the Bay Area’s storied hot rod past, and modern reliability and power.

The car looks incredible with a track nose, hood blister, and so much of that trademark Cotati Speed Shop attention to detail that we can’t begin to list it all here… So join us in a moment of staring and drooling:

Car in the shop

If you’ve missed it, here’s the artwork I was honored to create, working many an afternoon and evening over the phone with Zane, throwing ideas around:

Hot rod design rendering

You can keep up with the Tour Car (in a manner of speaking, anyway, considering that Smeding 427 and one heck of  generous power-to-weight ratio…) on the official blog HERE, and see where Jerry is headed, where he’s been, and where you can join in the fun, too!

…and hey…. if I can be of use to design YOUR next ride, website, whatever… hit me up on the site!


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