Give Me Fuel!

We’re absolutely stoked about every line of ink that our resident car doodling monkey-boy Brian manages to grab (outside of that whole post office photo), but this month, well… things are cranked to eleven.

Fuel Magazine issue 4

We’re honored to have been chosen by Luke over at Fuel Magazine in Australia for an artist feature! If you know of Brian’s love for all things Australian (and his dream of living among the kangaroos and dingos… and we’re not talking 1980’s footwear here), then you can begin to imagine just how cool this is.

Artist Feature

If you’re not familiar with the magazine, what a time it is to become a regular reader! It’s a superior-quality, smaller-format book loaded with killer photography, art, features, stories and more. It hits three times a year, and has incredible replay value, and will certainly find its way onto the shelf as a permanent collectible!

Learn more HERE, and buy a couple of dozen copies, and help spread the word (and support grass-roots publishing at its finest!). Thanks for sharing the moment!


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