Custom Car Idea Book!

Oh, we get lots of those… and while we could write a book about the ideas Brian throws out there each day, we just can’t afford a blanket insurance policy that big. Suffice to say, then, that it made our day when the new Motorbooks Custom Cars Idea Book hit the doorstep…

Custom Cars Idea Book

Alan Mayes (managing editor of Ol’ Skool Rodz and Car Kulture DeLuxe) has thrown down a nifty collection of photos reminiscent of the Motor Life, Car Craft, specials and columns of the 1950’s and 1960’s highlighting custom car ideas and trends, and packaged them neatly in this 160 page (with, dig this: 536 COLOR images… yes, over 500 color photos!) book. What this amounts to is a great reference piece for the garage or den or studio. Imagine having all of your Google searches for headlight and tail light, top chop, grille and other ideas in one book?

For me, it’s a great lunchtime companion… seriously. A couple of times a week, I take a break to just sit back and eat something, and this book is a tremendously fun way to kill a few minutes, and stretch the brain, car-wise when the mood hits. It’s laid out in an almost intuitive fashion, spanning Pre-War models, the ubiquitous ’49-’51 Mercs, and then on to 1950’s and 1960’s cars, before diving into show rods, trucks and a few late-models. There are even handy sections (a-ha! a pun…) on front and rear end treatments, chassis, paint, trim and more.

While I’d certainly love to see more on show rods, it’s a great overview, and again, collection of custom cars. It certainly works very well to spark your creative side when planning a project, and excels as an overview of popular customizing techniques. This book would be a fantastic primer (pun count: 2) for anyone new to the hobby, and certainly a great quick-reference guide when the inevitable “do you know that car?” conversation pops up.

My only gripe would be with some of the photographs, which seemed sourced rather than shot with the specific intent of being used in a book of this nature. A few more “head-on” shots or closeups would have been great, but overall, the message in each photo (and all are captioned, by the way… which is FANTASTIC) comes across loud and clear, and the clarity of every photo is great. Highly recommended for your reference library, and well worth the cover price.

Speaking of the price, you can scoop up a copy in our bookstore, and save a few bucks, too ($8.50 to be exact)!

Custom Cars IDEA BOOK: Coupes Sedans Pickups
Alan Mayes
160 Pages
Illustrated with 536 color images
Availability: June 8, 2010


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