How to Build a Killer Street Machine

Building a project car can be a wonderfully rewarding experience, and even one of those great bonding experiences between family members or friends… Or it can become a completely maddening and disheartening ordeal that wrenches family and friends from you. What is often the deciding factor is in the planning, and that’s where Mr. Bryant’s book excels.

How to Build a Killer Street Machine

What you get, page after page is a modern look at the classic performance build primer. Building the newcomer’s knowledge, system by system, the book takes a straightforward approach to explaining the basics, and suggesting methods of implementing a plan to create the car of your dreams. While many folks today simply look at automotive forums and websites and build whatever is trendy or worse, rely on some group approval method (which normally involves a ton of mis-matched bolt-ons) for design and, uh, “planning”… This book gives concrete examples of how to plan, budget and simply get the work done, using the author’s own Buick project as a case study.

From the simplest explanations (“What is a street machine?”) to more advanced topics (driveline swaps, suspension and steering controls to power-adders), the book is a great read, and is easily understood. Where technical jargon is needed, it is backed-up with plain-English explanations and illustrations, again, making this the ideal book for the first-time builder or enthusiast in your home or circle of friends.

What’s really great here is that it’s loaded with tips that can be applied to any genre of street machine, and not just another niche-book, which centers on drag race-inspired or pro-touring style cars. And while many “blanket” type books fall short, this is one title that will be on our “recommended reading” list for any clients embarking on their first car building adventure. It has some great reference material between the covers as well, making this a solid investment for both the studio and garage, and a great gift idea, too!

How to Build a Killer Street Machine
Jefferson Bryant
Illustrated. 191pp

Grab your own copy here and save over $7.00 in our Book Store!


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