build a time machine

Step on into My Time Machine…

Building the new Temple of Automotive Style over the ashes of youth and stupidity, and just enjoying the whole ride. There was a time when I swore that if I ever heard the Beach Boys’ 409 played at 80 decibels again, I’d have killed myself. You see, I was a product of the 1980’s car … Continue reading

Thinking FAST

If I were to ask you to name the first car that really did it for you… the one car that sparked your interest in hot rods or cars in general, what’s the first car that comes to mind for you? I’ve asked this question a few hundred times in my life (conservative guess)…

There Can Be Only One

Reviewing the latest Motorbooks Workshop release, “How to Make Your Car Last Forever”, and counting penny after penny of spared payments.

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Between the Lines!

An invitation to join us every couple of weeks via the Studio PCK e-Newsletter, “Between the Lines”. With product and book reviews, project sneak peeks, sales, giveaways, interviews, tutorials and more! It’s fast, easy, and FREE!

event shirt graphics

You got a little Concorso Italiano on your shirt

I’ve been fortunate to have met some amazing car people in my time, and it’s always the icing on the cake when one of them wants to create a special piece of art. I recently had the opportunity to design a t-shirt for a friend looking to commemorate the Concorso Italiano…

t-shirt graphics

Hot Rods and BMX Racing

The Second Annual Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge takes place later this week (August 7, to be exact) in Louisville, KY, and returns to the amazing Derby City BMX grounds, and coincides with the NSRA Street Rod Nationals. With a few rule changes and even bigger prizes, this promises to be a sure winner.

shirt design

No Dice

When Max from Bio Kustumz called looking for some new t-shirt art, I knew that things were going to get somewhat crazy when he mentioned “retro”, “robots”, “custom cars” and “maybe futuristic” in one sentence. I was already sketching as we spoke…

drag week camaro

Project Sneak Peeks!

It’s always fun to sneak you guys a peek or two at a project (or two), and this time around, well, it’s no different. OK, it’s different in that the cars have been updated… just the same in that we’re sharing some photos of those cars. It’s a complex, near-metaphysical thing that we’d really rather not get into here…

The Gilded Tee

Our good friends Wayne and Pam over at M&M Hot Rod Interiors gave us a shout a while back, and asked if I’d whip up a new tee for them… and what came of this is perhaps one of my all-time favorite designs, bar none.

hot rod apparel

Budget Tees for Summer!

We have some killer 3-color tees in stock at a price so good that, well, they simply rule. Grab ’em before they’re gone!


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